About 50 people stopped by to get a glimpse of some of the talented Coastal Bend College students' charcoal drawings at the art show on Thursday.

The students who participated were novice artists in the Drawing 1 class.

Priscilla Cope said she enjoyed the classes and the atmosphere. They would listen to music and had quiet time as they worked on their pieces.

“We used vine charcoal, a more softer delicate charcoal and a compressed charcoal, which helps shade the darker areas and then blending with the fingers,” said Priscilla Cope, an art CBC student.

One large mural on display at the gallery consisted of teamwork. Each student drew a grid portion of the mural. When the students were done, the mural came alive with each of the master pieces, which was a big hit at the show.

Cope said her style of drawing included a lot of contrast.

“I like to work the darker areas and then I work towards making it lighter...that's what I'm attracted to,” she said.

The students' art was displayed on the walls as an art gallery so attendees could stroll through the student lounge and admire the drawings.

“Over half the students did not have much experience drawing, they really started from square one and they've come really far,” Emily Hoyt, Drawing 1 instructor said.

CBC Director said the gallery was a success thanks to Hoyt and her students.

“As you can see, our students in the drawing class have much talent,” Director Dee Dee Arismendez said. “The art show is one way we can share the students' achievements with family, friends and the community.”