Five ways you can have fun this weekend:

1. The big movies opening this week are “Get Hard,” an R comedy starring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart; and “Home,” an animated PG movie for the kids.

2. March Madness isn’t over yet, although your team probably got beat by an underdog. Regional games take place through Sunday. Check the TV listings in your newspaper, or go to the official website of the NCAA tournament,

3. Earth Hour takes place Saturday. This is a time designed to get people and businesses to shut off as much electricity as they can for at least one hour. It’s held from 8:30-9:30 p.m. local time. Take the opportunity to save some energy (and some money!) and play some games by candlelight, or tell scary stories by flashlight. Go to for more information.

4. Sunday is National Mom & Pop Business Owner's Day. This is a day designed to get you to support local small businesses. Make plans to visit the mom and pop stores this weekend - you’ll never know what kind of deals or merchandise you’ll find.

5. In addition to the NCAA tournament, there are plenty of other sports options this weekend. The NBA and NHL seasons are headed into the home stretch, NASCAR takes place Sunday and Major League Soccer has games all weekend. Check your TV listings for broadcast times.