(NAPSI)—Bird feeding can be a fulfilling hobby, if you know how to outsmart a clever squirrel who’s eating your birdseed. These tips can help:

1) Baffles: Install baffles, at least 15 inches wide and sloped, between the top of the feeder and its hanger on a hanging feeder or between the ground and the feeder for feeders on posts.

2) Spinners: String spinners on a horizontal line.

3) Location: Mount bird feeders on a smooth metal pole at least six feet high and prune any branches within a 12-foot radius.

4) Feeders:

• Metal Feeders help minimize the damage from hungry squirrels.

• Wire Cages placed around a bird feeder will keep squirrels out and allow smaller birds to continue feeding but prevent larger birds from accessing the feeder.

• Slammer Feeders designed with doors triggered by a large bird’s or squirrel’s weight close and hamper access to seed.

• Interactive Bird Feeders such as the Squirrel Boss Bird Feeder. This humane and effective squirrel-proof bird feeder has a remote control operated by you from inside your home that gives the squirrel a harmless static shock correction that “tingles” but doesn’t hurt the squirrel in any way. For more information, visit www.squirrelboss.com or call (888) 476-9499.

5) Seed: Squirrels are less enticed by nyger, millet, safflower, canary and canola seeds. Adding capsaicin to birdseed can also deter squirrels.


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