David Rivera Jr. was arrested Monday night for possession of marijuana on the 1000 block of Louis.

Officer Jose Flores was patrolling Louis Street when he observed a white Lincoln Navigator disregard a stop sign at the intersection of Louis and South Park. Flores made contact with the driver who stepped out of the vehicle. Flores spoke with two passengers in the vehicle when he smelled a strong odor of freshly burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle, report stated. Rivera was the front seat passenger and admitted to having a small bag of marijuana. He also had a marijuana cigarette in his pocket. Rivera was handcuffed. According to the report, Flores had to uncuff one of Rivera's hands and he reached into his crotch area and pulled out a large clear plastic bag with marijuana. He was transported to the Jim Wells County jail.

Earlier in the night, Officer Nicholas Reyes was dispatched to the intersection of Buffalo Street and South Texas Blvd. in reference to a possible intoxicated subject. Reyes made contact with Bobby Lee Foster who had slurred speech, was unable to maintain his balance, red blood shot eyes and an odor of synthetic marijuana. He was arrested as he was a danger to himself and the public, report stated. Reyes checked the area where Foster was and located a brown rolled up cigar with synthetic marijuana.

He was transported to the JWC jail and charged with public intoxication and possession of controlled substance.