Twenty-six years of service to the Alice community through the school board for no pay, just for the passion for children and their best interest.

R. David Guerrero has been on the Alice Independent School District's School Board for approximately 26 years and has decided to not run for another term.

School board members are elected into office by the public. Many, like Guerrero, invest their time and knowledge into students' success. A school board purpose is to set school policies and work closely with the superintendent.

Guerrero is the Jim Wells County District Clerk and has been for 17 years. He is also the Director of Religious Education for Elementary Level at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Chair of Community Action and President-Elect on the Alice Chamber of Commerce.

“Things will not slow down for me, it'll just take a little bit off my plate,” Guerrero said.

Guerrero never planned to be in politics he had other plans for himself. He wanted to be a fashion buyer for a major department store.

“But this is the direction I needed to take,” he said.

He was in his late 20s when local businessmen approached him to consider running for the school board, he stated.

“I ran, I won,” Guerrero said.

“I want to be an advocate for special education or for students or parents who can't or won't speak up,” he said. “The board and I strive for the same purpose. We are passionate on how we can do better for the students.”

Since Guerrero has been on the school board he has served under three superintendents and about 25 school board members. Guerrero and school board members have upgrade facilities such as new school for Saenz Elementary, Noonan Elementary, Schallert Elementary, a new science lab and a new gym at the high school.

“My main goal is student success,” he said.

What can we do for the kids? Are we doing what we can do for the schools? How can we do better? How can we prepare our students? Those are the questions Guerrero has in mind as he sits on the board.

“We don't all think alike that would be scary,” he said with a laugh.

Guerrero wishes the State of Texas focused more on education then the STARR testing. “I would like to have more funding, have better teacher pay so we can be competitive with teacher salaries in Texas and more in the area of technology,” he said.

Guerrero plans to attend some school board meetings even if he is not on the board.

His last board meeting will be in May.

“It was a tough decision and I prayed about it,” he said.