(NAPSI)—Teachers today need to keep up with changing expectations and environments in education—and they need to do so quickly. Fortunately, there are one-day programs that let educators learn something today and use it tomorrow.

An education association has a faculty that will come to the school to share research-based practices it can use right away to boost student achievement. Books and materials are included.

Among the workshops:

• Grading Smarter, Not Harder—assessment strategies that motivate students so grades show what students know.

• Productive Group Work—so students end up learning more than they would alone.

• Checking for Understanding—in any subject and grade.

• A Close Look at Close Reading—how this provides a foundation for students to develop thinking, speaking and writing skills required by the Common Core State Standards.

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For further information or to sign up, call the experts at ASCD Professional Learning Services at (800) 933-2723 or (703) 578-9600, ext. 5773 or e-mail programteam@ascd.org.


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