Jim Wells County employees gathered for a monthly safety meeting to learn about fire safety and how to put the flames out on Monday at the courthouse.

The mandatory classes consisted of four different sessions where employees learned the different types of fires such as electricity, gas and grease fires.

Lynn Kirchoff, Emergency Management coordinator, said "The employees are given these classes to raise awareness and to make sure everyone practices safety."

The classes discussed the types of fire extinguishers and which one to use on certain types of fires. The extinguishers inside the courthouse are multi-functional, meaning they can be used to put out any fire.

Proper usage of the fire extinguisher was taught to the classes and a hands-on session after the class was led by the Alice Fire Department.

"The fire department did an awesome job in leading the class and hands-on section," Kirchoff said. "We appreciate what they do for us."

County Judge Pete Trevino Jr. volunteered to put out a fire with an extinguisher and stressed the importance of having all employees learn about fire safety.

"We need to know the dos and don'ts on fire extinguishing and fires. Things can happen anywhere but with this knowledge, we can take it home and to work," he said.

"We want to make sure our county is trained in fire safety. It's a great deal that our extinguishers are up-to-date," Trevino said.

Annette Tijerina, assistant auditor, said she's taken the training several times before but has not experienced putting out an actual fire. She was the first in her class to use the fire extinguisher on a practice fire.

"I want to be prepared," Tijerina said. "This is to be safe at home and to know what you're doing so you won't panic."

A make-up session will be held to make sure all employees have taken the fire safety course this month.