The San Diego Municipal Utility District held their monthly meeting with employees and other water districts in surrounding communities.

The meeting had a guest speaker from Carollo Engineers, Robert K. Cullwell.

Cullwell spoke on the advances in technology and how the water districts could use this technology in different ways for a variety of situations.

“We can learn a great deal by using technology at hand,” Cullwell said. “Each technology has its own benefits.”

The powerpoint presentation gave employees ideas on how to fix a pipe when a leak is suspected, breaks or needs to be replaced. Each plan Cullwell presented had its benefits and drawbacks. The employees would have to determine which system would work best for them.

“Nothing is going to beat the man-entry inspection,” he said. “Another tool to add to the toolbox.”

Employees with MUD work with water and waste water in town. If there is a problem that needs to be addressed they must do it quickly and effectively.

“Making capital dollars stretch,” Cullwell said. “With the options available to us.”

The meetings are held once a month for employees to stay current on what is available to them.