(BPT) - Wedding trends come and go, driven by many cultural influences, but few are as enduring and romantic as shabby chic/shabby glam. With its perfect combination of elegance and softness, bright sparkles and gentle hues, a shabby chic wedding complements the individuality and beauty of brides of every age and walk of life. And, thanks to many rental stores increasing their inventory of shabby chic items, itís also one of the easiest and most fun wedding themes to create.

Vintage wedding gowns, repurposed items and a wide inventory of thematic rental items can all work together to create a shabby chic wedding that is unique, memorable and affordable. You can visit RentalHQ.com to find your local American Rental Association member store that will help you with your individual needs. To create a wedding theme that is the perfect marriage of shabby and glam follow these three simple steps:

1. Flowers and lace are the perfect marriage.

Lace isnít just for your wedding gown and flowers arenít just for your bouquet. Touches of lace added throughout the ceremony and reception underscore the air of nostalgic elegance thatís essential to shabby chic. This can be as easy as adding lace touches to wedding invitations or using pieces of lace as placemats or coasters on reception tables. Or, it can be as grand as a lace tent liner that evokes a romantic, bygone era. Florals are key to creating a shabby chic look. Whether the bride and groom stand beneath a bower of pastel blooms while exchanging vows, or floral accents throughout the brideís couture, flowers and floral patterns lend romance and grace to every aspect of a shabby chic wedding.

2. Light the way.

Light plays an important role in any shabby chic themed event. For weddings, vintage-looking chandeliers, candelabras and hurricane lamps act both as decorative items and sources of romantic light. Itís easy to add thematic lighting to any wedding, even if your reception will be in an ordinary hall or tent. Rental companies offer an array of lighting options that can be temporarily outfitted to any venue. Adorn tables with classic silver candelabra or add a stunning crystal chandelier to an outdoor tent. You can find a variety of lighting options on RentalHQ.com. Many rental stores have increased their inventory of shabby chic decor items to meet bridesí demands, so renting can give you access to greater variety. Plus, youíll reap the cost savings of renting versus buying.

3. Layers of texture.

The pleasing union of diverse colors and textures is at the heart of a shabby chic wedding. Soft colors are the perfect foil for sparkles, and distressed wood complements the beauty of aged metals like silver and pewter. All these elements come together to evoke the grace and comfort of bygone times. Look for creative ways to harmoniously incorporate these touches into your wedding. For example, display your wedding cake, adorned with real flowers, atop a rustic wooden table. Decorate an antique metal birdcage with lace and ribbon and use it as a holder where reception guests can deposit cards for the bride and groom. Add petite crystal and pearl accents to bouquets and centerpieces. For a rustic food table, rent wooden barrels, top with an aged wooden plank, and present food on vintage serving plates.

Finally, look for inspiration online. Resources like Pinterest, Etsy and theknot yield a wealth of ideas, and you can browse photos of other weddings and bridal creations to find the perfect look for your shabby chic wedding.