The Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department wants to make the public aware of a scam going on, Sheriff Oscar Lopez said.

An Alice resident received a phone call from a man, Dean Daniels, who claimed to work for an attorney in Houston. Daniels stated the resident's wife had some charges for fraud along with other various charges. If they did not return the phone call a warrant would be issued by the JWC office, Daniels said in a voicemail.

“I figured it was a scam and didn't put any attention to the situation until I saw I had two missed calls,” the resident who wanted to stay anonymous said. “One of those numbers was from the sheriff's department.”

After speaking with Daniels he was informed that they had worthless checks from a local Alice bank.

The resident called the bank, his lawyer, the district clerk office and finally the sheriff's office to find the reason behind Daniels threat and to prevent a warrant being served on his wife.

“I called everyone, but no one knew anything,” he said.

When the resident mentioned to Daniels about contacting his attorney Daniels explained there was nothing else that could be done and to wait for the sheriff department to pick up his wife.

Scams can happen to anyone and people need to understand there are steps to take so they do not become a victim.

1. Don't give out personal information.

2. Check into the situation the caller is presenting.

3. Call respective parties who may be involved and law enforcement officials.

“This man did the right thing in calling us,” Lopez said. “If anyone gets a call claiming a department is going to issue a warrant on you, call that department.”

The sheriff explained when someone has a warrant they do not call the individual.

Sheriff Lopez called Houston Police Department to let them know of the situation.