The William Adams Bike Club is preparing for various bike rides this year by riding as much as they can.

The club met up on Friday afternoon at the Hillcrest Elementary School for a two-mile ride.

President Myra Perez, 14, said she enjoys being in the club since she has a passion for riding.

"It keeps us out of trouble and it's something fun to do while exercising," Perez said.

The club sponsor Mario Garcia said the club consists of about 15 other students from the William Adams Middle School. Most of the students didn't meet up since the school was on spring break, he said.

"Our goal is to emphasize safety," Garcia said. "We want to get their legs ready for Tour de Honey, a goal that will be reachable if we train."

Tour de Honey will be in Beeville on May 23 with races ranging from 30 miles to 65 miles.

"We want to encourage kinds to ride bikes and get them confident to participate in competitions," Garcia said.

The one who started the club in Dec. 2014 was Rafael Alvarez, head custodian at William Adams Middle School.

"I've been riding since I was 12. The second best thing my parents gave me, aside from their love, was a bicycle," Alvarez said.

He said the club is a way to get students into a good habit and to keep them healthy and focused.

"I'm hoping the interest will stay in the students. We will continue working with the kids as long as they want to ride," Alvarez said.