Instead of thinking about what toy she is getting next, six-year-old Brisa Ordonez is thinking about when she can donate her hair to someone in need of a wig.

Brisa, a resident of Alice and student at St. Joseph's, recently cut off 12 inches of her hair and donated it to Locks of Love, a non-profit charity based that accepts donations of human hair and money with the stated intention of making wigs for Canadian and American children.

Her grandmother Patsy Charles says Brisa’s first thought of donating her hair came from seeing her great-grandmother battle cancer.

“She would see her hair change from very little to none and she always said ‘I’m going to give you my hair',” Charles said.

Brisa’s 11-month-old cousin is also battling cancer at this time, which also motivated her to donate her hair.

"She would tell me 'Grandma, I want to cut my hair so they can make a wig for a boy or girl," Charles said.

Her mother Francine Martinez, father Jesse Ordonez and grandfather Richard Charles are proud of Brisa’s donation but her grandmother said other children have made comments about her short hair which is now in a pixie cut.

“She says that it’ll grow back and that it’s just hair,” Charles said. “I ask her if she regrets doing it and she said she is going to donate again.”

“We are very proud of her. This is a drastic change for her and she just doesn't care what people think about her,” Charles said. “She says ‘my hair is not who I am.’”