A Duval County deputy will be suspended after he uploaded an interview with a suspect on social media, according to Duval County Sheriff Romeo Ramirez.

Deputy William Barton was suspended for four days without pay starting on Monday, Ramirez said.

Barton and other deputies were investigating a criminal mischief case when Barton lawfully recorded a field interview with a 17-year-old Benavides High School student who was a suspect.

After the interview was seen on Snapchat, the sheriff's office received a complaint and immediately conducted an internal investigation, Ramirez stated.

“There was sufficient cause of wrong-doing,” the sheriff said. “A four-day suspension without pay is justified.”

The Duval County Sheriff's office has a policy where deputies are not allowed to post anything on social media until it is cleared with administration.

“We take action against an officer who does any wrong doing,” Ramirez said.

Barton has been with the department for approximately two years.

“This does not change his credibility,” Ramirez said. “He is a good officer.”