A bulk of stolen items were recovered Wednesday afternoon from a Dodge Charger driven by Luis Trigo which was stopped by Capt. Brandon Torres and Capt. Joe Martinez while executing an arrest warrant.

Trigo was arrested at the scene for a Jim Wells County warrant on a burglary charge.

The Dodge Charger, which was reported stolen minutes before Trigo was seen behind the wheel with two women passengers on North Texas Blvd.

“We were told the vehicle was believed to be in the city,” Martinez said as he sorted through the stolen merchandise.

Torres and Martinez discovered two flat screen TV's, rings, watches, earrings, a black 270 Remington rifle, pennies inside a medicine bottle, an Xbox with two games, a laptop and a knife among other items hidden in the glove compartment, truck and the back seat.

Martinez sorted the items as Torres continued to search the vehicle uncovering more items.

Torres initiated the traffic spot on Hartwell Road and Woodlawn. The reporting party was called to the scene.

“The items are believed to be from the Orange Grove community,” Torres stated.

A potential owner was notified about the recovered property.

"A family in San Patricio County was burglarized a few days," said Sgt. Felix Saenz.

A laptop recovered was handed over to San Patricio County officials, Saenz said.

Charges are pending as the investigation is still ongoing.