Traffic stop arrest

Martin Hinojosa III was arrested for possession of a controlled substance Friday morning after a routine traffic stop.

Officer John De Leon stopped Hinojosa at Adams and Schley. According to the report, while De Leon made contact with Hinojosa he noticed a green leafy residue on the floor board and an odor of burnt synthetic marijuana coming from the vehicle. Hinojosa gave consent to search the vehicle when a brown paper wrapped over a green leafy substance known to be synthetic, report stated. Hinojosa was patted down when De Leon removed a clear plastic bag with synthetic marijuana from the left jean pocket. He was transported to the Jim Wells County jail.

Marijuana arrest

Officer Jesse Garza arrested Ariel Lagos Friday when he observed him speeding in a residential neighborhood. Lagos came to a stop on the 900 block of Madison. According to the report, Lagos picked up his phone and started calling his mother while the officer was talking to him. He admitted to Garza that he had a small amount of marijuana in the middle console, report stated. Lagos tried to get away from the officer. When he was in the unit, Lagos slammed his head and upper body against the bars of the back window. He was transported to the JWC jail and charged with possession of marijuana.

Two arrested after traffic stop

Yolanda Raquel Martinez and Christopher Chavarria were arrested Wednesday night after a traffic stop for speeding.

At approximately 11:30 p.m. Officer Juan Martinez observed Yolanda going 45 mph in a 35 mph zone on the 1700 block of East Main Street in a small black Chevrolet Blazer.

Yolanda exited the vehicle and made contact with Officer Juan Martinez who detected a strong odor of alcohol. Chavarria also exited the vehicle and was seen dumping an object underneath the SUV. The object was an open 24 ounce can. Yolanda took ownership of the open container, report stated. She had slurred speech and red eyes. Yolanda gave Officer Juan Martinez verbal consent to search the SUV. Inside the vehicle, a brown rolled cigarette containing marijuana was found inside the ash tray which both suspects denied ownership. An assisting officer discovered 11 pills of Xanax inside Chavarria’s cap. Officer Tim LaGesse and his K9 partner arrived at the scene. The K9 alerted officers to a clear plastic bag with marijuana, report stated. Both Yolanda and Chavarria denied ownership of the marijuana.

They were transported to the Jim Wells County jail. Yolanda was charged for possession of marijuana and driving while intoxicated open container and Chavarria was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance.

A kick in the leg

Joshua Gonzales was arrested Wednesday morning for assault causing bodily injury family violence after Officer John De Leon was dispatched to the 1100 block of Stonegate in reference to a disturbance.

De Leon made contact with the victim who was crying and stated Gonzales had kicked her after an argument. According to the report, the victim told Gonzales she was going to leave him when he got mad and began to throw things around and kicked her right leg. The victim stated he grabbed a TV and throw it to the ground.

Gonzales was found at the back of the house. He told De Leon the victim had broken a pot, grabbed the TV and threw it at him. He was arrested and transported to the Jim Wells County jail.

Man leads officers on chase

On Wednesday morning Officer Juan Martinez was monitoring traffic at the 2200 block of East Main when he observed a gray vehicle speed by.

Martinez clocked the driver, later identified as Maximiliano Marquez, going 59 mph in a 45 mph zone. Marquez was seen weaving in and out of the inside lane by Martinez. Martinez took off after the vehicle with emergency lights activated. Marquez refused to stop and continued to travel westbound, report stated. Martinez contacted dispatch about Marquez's refusal to stop. Assisting officers attempted to make contact with the driver when he stopped at the intersection of Front and Cameron Street. Marquez disregarded the officers commands and continued to drive westbound disregarding the red traffic light and almost caused a collision when he almost struck another officers unit, report stated.

Marquez came to a stop at a residence on the 200 block of Monterrey. Officer Martinez attempted to get Marquez to exit the vehicle who had the doors locked. According to the report, after several commands Marquez unlocked the doors and was exiting the vehicle when he lost his balance falling and hitting his head. He resisted officers by placing his arms and hands underneath his stomach to prevent officers from handcuffing him. He was tased so officers could place him in handcuffs for his safety and the safety of others. Marquez smelled of alcohol and had slurred speech as he spoke to officers.

He was taken to the local hospital for medical clearance where he used profanity in front of medical staff. According to the report, he stated he was good friends with a judge who would drop all the charges. He also told officers he had been drinking at a local bar, but refused to give a breath or blood sample. He refused medical treatment. Marquez stated he wanted pictures taken of him, report stated. He was transported to the JWC jail who refused to accept his medical clearance. An assisting officer had to take Marquez for a second medical clearance before the jail would take him.

He was charged with driving while intoxicated for the third or more time, evading arrest and resisting arrest.

Stolen vehicle recovered

Officer Roel Escamilla was on patrol Tuesday morning on the 1200 block of South Reynolds when he observed a stolen vehicle. He knew the vehicle, a black Kia four door passenger car, was stolen because of an alert officers received Monday afternoon. Alvaro Garza, the driver of the vehicle, came to a stop at the 200 block of Hobbs Street. According to the report, Escamilla and an assisting officer conducted a felony traffic stop and ordered Garza out of the vehicle which he complied. Garza had his daughter in the vehicle at the time who was released to an adult.

Garza was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and taken to the JWC jail.