A 20-year-old San Diego resident was arrested Sunday shortly after 1:30 a.m. for possession of a controlled substance after a routine traffic stop.

Joe Angel Trevino was in a Chevy Impala when Deputy Mo Saavedra initiated a stop on the 700 block of East Highway 44.

According to the report, individuals in the car did not seem to know each other just short acquaintances, stated Duval County Lt. Alan Gonzalez.

During Saavedra's investigation, Trevino showed signs of nervousness as he spoke to Saavedra. Officer Saavedra received consent to search the vehicle. After the occupants exited the vehicle Saavedra patted down Trevino.

Trevino told Saavedra he had a knife. He became so nervous he said 'Officer, I have ice in my pocket,' Gonzalez read from the report.

Saavedra removed the crystal meth which was in a small clear plastic baggy, Gonzalez stated.

He was taken to the Duval County jail.