Two suspects were arrested Monday for stealing over $1500 of equipment from an auto shop on N. Johnson St.

An officer arrived at the shop and made contact with the reporting party, Ed Galbraith. Galbraith said when he arrived at the shop he noticed some transmissions were stolen from the back area. He viewed the surveillance tape and saw two hispanic males loading the transmissions into an SUV. The males were seen loading two transmissions and several transmission casings valued at approximately $100 to $500 each making the total value between $1,500 to $1,600.

A sergeant from the Criminal Investigative Division was notified and arrived to process the scene. A vehicle parked across the street at Highway Motel matched the description of the vehicle in the video. Another sergeant arrived on scene for assistance and the three officials made their way to the motel to make contact with the vehicle owner.

The two hispanic males were contacted in one of the rooms and were identified as Jose Adan Pena and Kristopher Lee Pena. Before running their names for any outstanding warrants, both suspects agreed to go to the police department for statements. At the police department, the two men admitted to stealing the transmissions and taking them to Corpus Christi to sell at a junk yard.

A warrant check showed Jose was wanted on city warrants for fail to yield right of way, no drivers license, no insurance and warrant and failure to appear in court. Both men were taken to Jim Wells County Jail for incarceration.