A female subject was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend on Tuesday while dining at Big House Burgers on E. Main St.

An officer arrived at the restaurant where he made contact with the with victim who said that while she and a witness were enjoying their dinner, her ex-boyfriend sent a text that he was on his way to her location. When the suspect arrived at the restaurant, he accursed her of being with another man that was not with their party. To stifle the incident, the victim thought it would be best to leave at which time she grabbed her things and began exiting the restaurant. As she walked out of the building, the suspect grabbed her by her hair and pulled her back.

At this point, two samaritans went to the victim's aid and grabbed the suspect. The victim and the witness then ran to their car as the suspect tried to get loose from the samaritans. Once the witness opened her door to the car, she turned around and heard the suspect say he was going to her ranch and was going to kill her. Both the victim and the witness then got inside the car and left the premises. As they were leaving west on Main St. they saw the suspect was following them, so they drove to the police department where they made contact with dispatch.

The victim was referred to the county attorney for a protective order. The victim said that ever since their break up, the suspect has repeatedly called and texted her, harassing her and placing her in fear of her safety. The victim also said that earlier in the day, while attending a school function the male showed up where he verbally accosted her in front of colleagues. A request for routine patrol was made at the victim's residence and no further action was taken.