Two men pleaded guilty Wednesday morning during an arraignment in County  Judge L. Arnoldo Saenz' courtroom.

Juan Laureles, 18, and Mark Buentello, 19, both pleaded guilty for evading arrest. The men were seen by an officer rearranging traffic cones in a construction zone in the 900 block of S. Texas Boulevard early morning on April 12.

Laureles also pleaded guilty to failure to identify and resisting arrest.

Buentello received a $500 fine with court costs and a sentence of six months probation. Laureles received three separate fines of $500 each and a sentence of six months probation for failure to identify and one-year probation for resisting arrest.

Officer Jason Childers stated in the police report that about one hour prior he had replaced the traffic cones in the same area after they had been "arranged in a manner which would cause northbound and southbound traffic to collide head-on."

According to the report, as soon as the officers patrol unit came into view, Laureles and Buentello ran from the roadway and lay down in the grass in the creek area near the south side of the 1000 block of Loma Street. As Childers parked his patrol car, the two men both stood up and ran.

Childers states in the report he lost sight of Buentello, but pursued Laureles on foot, chasing him into the creek and then east across Texas Boulevard around the south side of a building where the suspect tripped. According to the report, a cell phone was found in Laureles's pocket during a search after he was handcuffed. While the suspect was in the backseat of the patrol unit his cell phone rang.

An officer answered and pretended to be Laureles, telling the caller that he was hiding in the brush from the police and that he should come pick him up.

Another officer transported Laureles to the Alice Police Department for processing while other officers remained in the area to look for Buentello. Valadez parked on Miranda Street with his lights turned off to wait for the caller to come pick up Laureles.

Childers  saw a 2004 Dodge car driving away and was advised by Valadez that it was the vehicle he had seen.

Childers initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and made contact with the driver, Buentello, who according to the report was "sweating" with his shoes and the bottom of his jeans "wet and muddy, as if he had been running through the creek."

From Laureles's cell phone, Valadez called the phone number that had called to it earlier, causing Buentello's cell phone to ring and show "Juan" on the caller ID. According to the report, Buentello then admitted that he had been with Laureles and that he had fled on foot.

Buentello was arrested for evading arrest and transported to the Alice Police Department for processing. Laureles eventually gave his correct identifying information at the APD after refusing for about 30 minutes, the report states. He was charged with evading arrest, resisting arrest and failure to identify.