Corpus Christi City Council members approved a $3.8 million construction contract with Haas Anderson Construction for reconstruction of Up River Road as part of the 2008 Street Improvements Bond Package.

The project calls for improvements to four sections of Up River Road, between the Interstate Highway 37 exit near Rand Morgan Road to the IH 37 exit near the Crosstown Expressway, all within the city limits.

The improvements include reconstructing and widening the two-lane roadway, along with additional improvements that include pavement markings, signage, over 4,000 linear feet of new, reinforced concrete storm sewer pipe and drainage ditches.

The specific four sections Haas Anderson Construction will work on are Section One, from the IH 37 exit near Dunn-Meany Road. Section Two is a 3,000 foot stretch of road near Southern Minerals Road. Section Three will be from Suntide Road west for 550 feet. Section Four will be from the IH 37 exit at the west end headed east towards Renfrow Road for 3,600 feet.

City Director of Engineering Services Pete Anaya informed the council during the April 12 council meeting that Valero was going to assist the city on the project by providing 511 tons of liquid asphalt binder, which Haas is using and giving a credit on the project of $305,538.

The project's original budget has also grown, from $3.1 million to $3.8 million, after engineers took a closer look at the extent of work that needs to be done.

The additional funding will come from the existing savings the city has received from 11 other street projects that have been bid out from the 2008 bond package, according to city documents.

The project is estimated to take about two years for all four sections. Anaya said the city will work with Haas to see if that timeline can be narrowed to somewhere between 18-20 months.