What a glimpse of heaven!

First Presbyterian Church had the privilege of hosting Alice’s city-wide Holy Week services. It was truly a joy! There is power in the Spirit when Christians gather across denominational lines to worship our one Lord. Why is this “a glimpse of heaven?” Because once we get to that place prepared for us, all the trivial things that have divided us will dissolve. We will praise God in absolute unity.

First Presbyterian would like to thank all the pastors, liturgists, and musicians who fed the group spiritually. Thanks are also extended to all the congregations who brought delicious food and fed everyone physically.

Now, here is the prayer of First Presbyterian Church’s members. As everyone returns to their respective houses of worship on Easter, let them remember the ties which were celebrated during Holy Week. There is only One Church, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ is its firm foundation. He is risen! He is risen indeed!

First Presbyterian and the Alice Area Alliance of Christian Churches wish everyone the most blessed and Spirit-filled Easter of their lives, and love each and all in the Lord!