The High School Special Education Program of Freer Independent School District has been conducting fundraisers in order to raise money to take a field trip to Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio.

The trip will take place Saturday and is especially geared toward students with special needs.

Morgan’s Wonderland is a theme-park specially designed for students with special needs.

“As we have just finished our TAKS test, we feel like our students deserve this trip,” said Mia Pulido, special education teacher for Freer High School. “Our trip was just approved by the principal, and we are all excited to go.”

The school allows $7 for meals for the students, but some of the special needs students have a different idea in mind.

“They want to go to the Rainforest Café,” Pulido said. “They think that would be absolutely great. All of our students are excited. They have been working really hard on raising money for this trip, and we are continuing to raise money until we go.”

The students have raised more than $235 so far and still plan to have more fundraisers.

“I love all of my students very much and they deserve this trip,” Pulido said. “I am hopeful that we can raise all of the money necessary for this trip. All of the kids are so happy to be where we are today and are ready to have a great trip.”

So far the program has been fundraising by selling cakes and decorative pins.