The Alice Area Council of Catholic Women (AACCW), Dioceses of Corpus Christi, held the 120th Bi-Annual AACCW Spring meeting recently at St. Gertrude Catholic Church, Kingsville, Texas. The meeting, continental breakfast, lunch, a silent auction and special raffle was hosted by St. Gertrude Altar and Rosary Society Ladies, led by president, Mary Pierce.

AACCW President, Elva Garcia (Palito Blanco) called the business meeting to order. Rose Hickey (Kingsville) Corpus Christi Diocesan Council of Catholic Women Immediate Past President, led the “Opening Prayer.” Liz Garza (Kingsville) AACCW Secretary led the “Pledge of Allegiance.” Mary Pierce (Kingsville) gave the “Welcome and Introductions.” Mellie Smithwick (Alice) reported on behalf of the nominating committee. Elected by acclamation to serve as the 2011-2013 officers of Alice Area Council of Catholic Women are Diana Gomez of Alice, president, and Mary Pierce, vice president, Amparo Quintanilla, treasurer and Liz Garza, secretary, all of Kingsville.

Rev. Romero Salinas, Spiritual Chaplain for the AACCW and Pastor of St. Joseph Parish, Kingsville, celebrated the Eucharist Mass at St. Gertrude Catholic Church. Christopher Becerra, Seminarian, assisted in the Mass. Rev. Salinas installed the officers at the end of the Mass.

Rev. Piotr Koziel, Pastor of St. Gertrude Catholic Church, Kingsville, was the keynote speaker. Fr. Piotr spoke on the “Call to Holiness.” He said we should “be holy as God is holy.” He stated that a “Call to Holiness” is not a thought, but “a command.” “A key characteristic that makes God holy is Love. God = Love. Everyone has the potential to love. We are capable to multiply love. By working on our capacity to love, we become more like God; God’s image. Love = Giving. ‘For God so loved us that he gave his only son.’ John 3:16. The gift of self to one another, that is love.”

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