SAN DIEGO – Officers with the Central South Texas Criminal Investigations Unit executed a no-knock search warrant at 102 N. Tovar St. in San Diego on Thursday, which yielded several packages of cocaine.

Randy Trigo of the Central South Texas Criminal Investigation Unit said the packages were separated, possibly for distribution.

“We executed the warrant at approximately 3:15 p.m. on the residence,” Trigo said. “As we entered the home and announced our presence, it is presumed that one of the suspects threw a box and a scale out of the window of the home. The box contained several baggies of cocaine.”

In addition to the cocaine, police recovered about $400 in cash.

Trigo said after police entered the residence, they located 19-year-old Leroy Torres and 17-year-old Clarizza Moreno, who is pregnant, in one of the bedrooms of the home. The room had a window air-conditioning unit and it is presumed one of the suspects threw the box and scale out through the side of the unit.

“One of our agents was inside the room and noticed the window was open and the box and scale were on the ground near the window,” Trigo said. “There is a space between the window unit and the frame where it can be opened and a box thrown out.”

Adjacent to the home is a salon, Monica’s Hair Design, which is owned by Torres’ mother.

Police obtained consent to search the business but no narcotices were found.

Torres and Moreno were arrested and charged with manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance PG1 four to 200 grams, a second-degree felony, which is punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Another woman was arrested at the scene for an unrelated warrant. Police arrested Bobby Jo Leija for an outstanding warrant though the County Attorney’s office as she drove up to the business while the search was taking place.