The manager of the Times Market convenience store in the 1200 block of S. Highway 281 reported to the Alice Police Department a theft of nearly $1,700 worth of diesel fuel from one of the store’s pumps, according to a police report.

According to the report, on Thursday Officer Sandra Acuna met with Chang Oh, manager of the Times Market located at 1205 S. Highway 281, in reference to a theft.

Oh told the officer someone has been stealing diesel fuel from the pumps on the west side of the store by removing a plastic piece from the diesel unit which allows them to get the fuel free of charge.

He stated he has replaced the part that is being removed, but the suspects just remove it again.

According to the report, Oh stated he has two suspects, a man and a woman, on video from April 8, the last time the theft occurred. He told the officer the suspects paid for only $78 worth of diesel fuel but actually pumped about 485 gallons valued at $1,699.58.

Oh stated the thefts have been going on for about a month and he had just realized how it was occurring. He stated two rigs park at the pumps with one covering the suspect as they fuel up.

The case was referred to the criminal investigations division.