Some of the mysteries of the universe were answered March 24 at the Tuloso-Midway Primary School Science Fair.

Questions, such as how much popcorn is popped in a bag of popcorn and which baby food stains the most were just a few of the topics tackled by the youngest at the fair.

Kindergarten student Peyton Burnett tackled the popcorn issue the old-fashioned way.

"I put the popcorn in the microwave, I ate it and I counted the seeds that didn't pop," Peyton said of his project, "More Pop for Your Buck."

Peyton said he got the idea from one of his friends, and had help when it came to cooking with the microwave, but he said he definitely did the counting and a good deal of the eating himself.

"Sometimes Warmer is Not Better," according to a project by that title completed by student Alexandra DeLeon. She sought to uncover which cover would melt ice cubes fastest.

Setting up several cubes on a tray in the sun, Alexandra draped one cube with a light colored towel and the other with a dark colored towel.

"I though the light towel would melt the ice cubes faster, but it was the dark towel," Alexandra said.

Always observant Emily Silver has seen firsthand her mother take part in babysitting, and acknowledged her sister is currently awaiting a new baby of her own. Emily was thinking of her niece when she thought science fair this year.

Her project sought to answer which baby food stained the worst. She tested several flavors of baby food and hypothesized that peas would leave the most persistent stain on the test clothing.

"It was carrots. I thought it was peas, but the carrots were worse. We left the food on the onesies overnight and then washed them. The carrots were the worst," Emily said.

Despite the presence of judges that morning, both volunteers from the business community and high school students, Emily said she wasn't the least bit nervous.

Tuloso-Midway High School Senior Alyssa Lopez said she was pleased to see so many kids participating in the science fair at the primary level.

"You can tell by the quality of these projects, these guys were really motivated," Lopez said.

T-M Primary School first grade teacher and science fair coordinator Rosalynn Davidson said 110 students participated in the science fair this year. All student participation for the event is voluntary.

"The teacher really built up the student's anticipation this year, performing experiments in class to get the students thinking about what to do for their own projects," Davidson said. 'Kudos to the parents, as well, for their help in this."

Third grade winners were first place, Ryan Silver; second place, Jadyn Garcia; third place Miles Hellums; and fourth place, Nathan Ramos.

Second grade winners were first place, Bailey Salinas; second place, Isabella Reyes; third place, Jason Valencia; and fourth place, Jennifer Xac.

First grade winners were first place, A.J. Janik; second place, Breanna Ford; third place, Mya Muniz; and fourth place, Juan Lopez.

In kindergarten, the winners were first place, Trinity Cantu; second place, Jacob Findeisen; third place, Tristen Palacios; and fourth place, Luke Moore.