Corpus Christi's Pedro Catala was the Continental Baseball League's leading base stealer before leaving the Beach Dawgs last week. Catala was one of several players that left after cutbacks were made, which included relocating the team from the hotel they were staying at. / File photo (Record Star)

After celebrating a championship berth in their inaugural season last week, it has been a downhill fall for the Corpus Christi Beach Dawgs.

During a June 29 meeting after the team beat the Texarkana Gunslingers in extra innings 8-7, the team was told that there were going to be some cutbacks which could force some of the players without host families to stay in the visitor's locker room at Fairgrounds Field.

The meeting caused a slew of players to get agitated and leave the team.

Players that left included pitchers Jonathan Figueroa, Daniel Chafferdet, and Gustavo Vasquez as well as outfielders Pedro Catala and Josh Morgan. Catala and Morgan were key players in the team's first half success. Catala was No. 10 in batting average and led the league with the most stolen bases.

Morgan led the league in home runs.

With so many players walking out, only 12 hit the road to Texas City to play the Bay Area Toros during their four-game series July 1.

As a result, the team lost the first four games of the second half of the season.

Beach Dawgs owner Ron Baron said he was displeased with the outcome, but he was aware that this could be a possibility.

"We tried to do as much as possible to make sure the team had proper accommodations," Baron said. "Unfortunately, I think we tried to do too much."

One person who was disappointed in what was going on with the team was Don Cudd, the internet radio broadcaster known as Hoss who broadcast the Beach Dawgs' home games.

"I really like Ron Baron. He's an honest and hard working guy," Cudd said on his blog on "It's just painfully obvious that he was in over his head bringing the Beach Dawgs to a town with far fewer resources than a team needs to draw a sufficient crowd."

Cudd also publicly put on his blog that he was no longer going to broadcast any more Beach Dawgs games because he feels the team is being treated unfairly.

Although it was first thought that the team would be staying in the visitors locker room or the stadium box suites, those rumors turned out to be false.

"All the guys are either staying with host families or with (General Manager) Hector Salinas," Baron said. "I'm trying to do the right thing for this team and (Manager) Trey Salinas has been scouting to help get replacements for the vacated players."

The Beach Dawgs owner and CEO of the Continental Baseball League also said that he gets 10-15 E-mails a day from players who are eager to play baseball.

"Turnaround is never a problem with the Continental Baseball League," Baron said. "But I hope that we do keep the majority of the players on our team who want to be out there to win a championship."