As the Corpus Christi Beach Dawgs took the field Sunday evening, they let fans in the Coastal Bend area know that baseball was still alive at Fairgrounds Field in Robstown.

Many seats were bare, with about half the stadium filled, but the Beach Dawgs opening weekend included many fun activities that fans might not have expected.

"The outcome could have been worse, I wish I could have seen some more people in attendance," said Pat Molano of Robstown. "With some more advertising and flyers at the local schools, they should have these seats filled up in no time."

The Beach Dawgs are a new team, in a new league (the Continental Baseball League) with many new faces. Many felt that even though the Beach Dawgs are something new to the area, they deserve a chance and support from the community and fans as well.

"This will be the Beach Dawgs' first year as a team, so we can't expect too much." said Tom Mason of Sandia, "With Ron Baron as their owner, he is a more involved man with his team and he's a man who cares about his team."

The home opener kicked off Sunday with the presentation of colors by the Flour Bluff ROTC. The Nueces County Commissioners Court threw out the first pitches and that was followed by many fun and motivating activities for children and families. Monday night's game featured Little Kato as the Beach Dawgs lead-off hitter, and an exciting round of midget wrestling after the game.

"Baseball is America's pastime, and it's a blessing to have a baseball team back at Fairgounds Field," said Javier Deleon of Alice. "I love baseball and I'll support this team just as we did the Aviators. Whether the Beach Dawgs win or lose, they'll have my support."

The Beach Dawgs have many interesting promotions planned for the season. With Sunday night's fireworks and Monday night's "Midget Wresteling," more fans began to show up at the ballpark.

"I enjoyed the family atmosphere this team had to offer," said Joe Olgum of Corpus Christi. "I think this atmosphere is better than the Corpus Christi Hooks."

Ron Baron, president and CEO of the Corpus Christi Beach Dawgs, was pretty satisfied with the attendance and how things flowed for the Beach Dawgs' first home series.

"Everything was very exciting, the people out here were great, we want this to be family friendly, and we have many promotions in the upcoming games," Baron said.

Baron has more than 20 years experience in sports law and marketing and a profound history with the sport of baseball. Baron mentioned that he would like to see "kids of all ages cheering for their hometown baseball team," just like he did growing up in New York City.

"Having a baseball team back is good for our kids," said Mary Gonzalez of Robstown. "This is a great learning experience for the children, to see these older guys who they look up to."

After the games, the players could be seen interacting with the children and families. Most opposing players hit the locker room after their long games, but the Beach Dawgs stuck around, dedicated some time for the community, and played a little ball with the children.

Even at about 11 p.m. Monday night, numerous fans and some players were still on the field as midget wrestling hit the ring after the Beach Dawgs victory over the Bay Area Toros.

"The team did real good, they need some support, but this is a young team. I feel they'll come around," said Hilda Molina of Robstown. "One thing I'd like to see from this team is a play-off game, something we've never had here."