Sue Fleming

The Freer Press

FREER – Local law enforcement responded to a 9-1-1 report of vandalism in progress at a Freer ISD campus on Friday, March 28, according to police reports.

Officers arrived at the high school campus about 11:35 p.m. to find broken panes of glass from a number of windows lying on the floor of a corridor of the high school building, reports say.

For months, the high school facilities have been cordoned off to the public because of ongoing renovations and additions work being done by construction crews.

Glass panes were also found broken out of a mobile office located near the high school building, property of Fulton Construction, reports show.

Officials say not long after police arrived at the site, two male juveniles were observed walking within the area not far away, and were taken to the police station for questioning. A third male juvenile was later found walking around the area and was also questioned.

Following interrogation, the juveniles confessed to earlier having broken the windows, records show.

Officials say an estimate of the damages has not been determined.

The juveniles were detained and then were released to the custody of their parents, according to police.

Investigating the incident was Sgt. Arturo Martinez assisted by State DPS Trooper Carlos Wilson and Ruben Silva of the Duval County Sheriff’s Department.