Upset is defined as to turn or tip over. Another definition is to defeat unexpectedly. One more definition…see Super Bowl XLII.

This game was not, I repeat, not supposed to happen. Millions of people were supposed to gather around the television set to watch history being made as the New England Patriots were 12-point favorites to beat the New York Giants.

Despite being known as the Giants, New York was playing the role of David to New England's Goliath.

After New York did what many, including myself, thought was unthinkable, this game could rank as one of the best, if not THE best Super Bowl ever.

Now before I'm flooded with people going "Juan Carlos, you so crazy," let me speak my peace here.

Coming in to the game with an 18-0 record, the best ever in NFL history, the Patriots were hoping to go in and make history by being the first team to finish 19-0.

Lord knows the 1972 Miami Dolphins team that finished 17-0 was rooting for New York to crash the party.

Since before the season started, I had New England as a lock to win the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, locks are meant to be opened and the Giants had the key.

The Patriots had not been looking like the dominant forces they were heading into the postseason.

After quarterback Tom Brady threw three interceptions against the San Diego Chargers in the AFC Championship, you saw a vulnerability to Brady's game.

I did not give New York a chance in the postseason. I did have them beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but I did not see them going any further.

Then came back-to-back upsets against the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers.

The Giants were seeded fifth when the playoffs began. Plus, they are in the NFC; a conference that had not won a Super Bowl since Tampa Bay did it in 2003 against the Oakland Raiders.

Man, does that seem like forever ago.

This Patriot team was built for perfection. You had your leader in three-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Brady. You had the receivers that every team wishes they had in Wes Welker, Donte' Stallworth and Randy Moss.

You had seasoned linebackers who may be older than most, but still had the determination to block, stop runs or even sack.

They had the lines and they had the backs, but they did not have the run.

I'm not saying the lack of running game is the main reason for the loss, but when you only have 45 rushing yards, it looks pretty bad.

Brady also had problems getting out of jams. He was sacked five times. I did not think it was possible to sack him once with an offensive line that has been solid all year.

When a team loses a game, the players are upset. Obviously the Patriots are not just going to wake up and get over it, this is going to weigh on them until next season begins.

However, the display I saw from Coach Bill Belichick shoving a ref to the side heading into the locker room before the game was over was unacceptable and inexcusable. We have a phrase for those who storm out…cry baby.

The Patriots deserved to lose the game. They headed to the locker room with one second left in the game.

Yeah, they already had lost the game, but the game officially ends when the clock hits zero.

The Giants won because they wanted it. Who would have thought that Eli Manning would shut up all those critics saying he would never be as good as his brother, Peyton? I didn't.

Eli Manning showed poise, leadership and a confidence that we did not see from him in the beginning of the season.

After that close 35-31 loss against New England in the final game of the regular season, he looked at himself and realized that he can compete with the best and he proved it.

Despite throwing an interception, Eli remained cool, calm and collected. He knew that the game was far from over.

For Pete's sake the game was still up in the air with the Patriots up 7-3.

After Brady's touchdown pass to Moss made it 14-10 in the fourth quarter, Eli knew that 2:42 was enough time to make something happen.

After Eli Manning pulled off an amazing throw while escaping a sack to David Tyree, who made one of the most amazing catches ever, the Giants were ready to make the 1972 Dolphins' dream come true.

When New York receiver Plaxico Burress caught that effortless pass in the end zone, it was pretty much over.

It was going to take a Herculean effort for Brady to drive the ball into field goal range to send the game into overtime.

But as we all know, Brady is a winner, or at least was. He tried to be the hero, but the Giants defense was too much for the Patriots to seal the deal.

Whether or not New England or any other NFL team will get the same shot of finishing with a perfect season again remains to be seen.

As a Dallas fan, it pains me just a little to see New York holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy, but for them to beat the Patriots ranks as the biggest Super Bowl upset ever.

It's not every year that a team finishes with an 18-1 season and calls it a disappointment. What the Giants were able to accomplish will probably be remembered forever. Not bad for a team that was left for dead after starting 0-2.

Juan Carlos Reyes is a sports reporter for the Record Star. Readers may contact him at 361-387-4511 or via email at