We are a few weeks away from the end of another confusing NCAA college football season. Unfortunately, the rankings are a mess. After the Ohio State Buckeyes lost to the Fighting Illini of Illinois Saturday, the run for the BCS National Championship Game is still up for grabs.

With the LSU Tigers at No.1 and Oregon Ducks sitting at No. 2, it only seems like one of them might go down next.

Several times this season a No.1 or a No. 2 team has faltered after shortly getting to one of those spots.

At the beginning of the year, almost everybody thought that the USC Trojans were invincible, but it turns out that this season the Pac-10 Conference has more than one team of credibility.

After the Trojans lost to, of all teams, the Stanford Cardinals, they have fallen from grace.

Quarterback John David Booty was one of the heavy favorites for the Heisman, but it was not meant to be after he suffered an injury and another loss this season to Oregon.

LSU may be back at No.1, but they needed a little help after a triple-overtime loss to the Kentucky Wildcats dropped them to No. 4.

They are probably thankful that Ohio State, Boston College and South Florida tanked after losing to unranked teams.

So how does the big picture look for the teams that still have a shot? I decided to analyze the current top-6 teams that I believe still have a chance at the title game.

LSU is back at No.1 and rightfully so. Besides the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, which is so terrible the team is not even close to being classified as bad, the Tigers had to face six ranked teams.

Come-from-behind victories against Florida, Auburn and Alabama showed how much fight LSU has to want a shot at the title.

Apparently a Sugar Bowl bid is not going to be good enough for them.

I think this team will take care of Ole Miss and Arkansas, but the SEC Championship will not be easy.

Oregon is No. 2, a position they were in back in 2001, but the BCS made the stupid mistake of sending No. 4 Nebraska to the title game instead of the Ducks.

Oregon has Arizona, an unpredictable but faulty UCLA team and Oregon State left on its regular season.

What could hurt the Ducks is not having a championship game.

Oregon will have to win out impressively if the Ducks want the voters and computers to put them in the championship.

No. 3 is one of the most impressive stories of the year. Who knew the Kansas Jayhawks would be the only undefeated team left in the six major conferences?

The only problem is their weak non-conference schedule.

Victories against Central Michigan, Southeast Louisiana, Toledo and Florida International do not add brownie points to the voters.

The Jayhawks will finally be tested in their final game of the season on Nov. 24 when they face the No. 5-ranked Missouri Tigers.

No. 4 is the Oklahoma Sooners. They could be No. 1 if it wasn't for that upset against the Colorado Buffaloes. Since Colorado has not done so well, that loss looks bad against the Sooners, but a redeeming win against the Texas Longhorns put them back in the national title hunt.

Oklahoma looks to have smooth sailing ahead as the Sooners face Texas Tech and Oklahoma State for their final two games.

If they win out and make the Big 12 championship - where they will likely face Kansas or Missouri - then Oklahoma should get in the title game because of its strength of schedule and Oklahoma has that extra championship game that Oregon does not have the luxury of playing.

Missouri is No. 5 because of surprise Heisman candidate Chase Daniel. Completing nearly 70 percent of your passes and throwing for more than 3,000 yards helps the team out quite a bit.

Kansas may or may not be an obstacle for the Tigers. Missouri has already been tested, but the Tigers failed that test against the Sooners with a 41-31 loss.

The Tigers would love to get their hands on Oklahoma again in the Big 12 title game.

If they win back-to-back games against the Tigers and their conference championship, along with some help from Oregon and LSU with losses, Missouri could be at the National Championship, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

The West Virginia Mountaineers were a dark horse to win the title and they still are.

A loss to the former Cinderella South Florida Bulls hampered the Mountaineers' chances of a title game.

The Big East is as unpredictable as it has ever been with the Connecticut Huskies and Cincinnati Bearcats trying to play the role of spoiler for West Virginia.

Connecticut is currently tied with the Mountaineers for the lead in the Big East, but the Bearcats are clawing their way through.

After mauling the Huskies 27-3 Saturday, this team could ruin any hope for West Virginia. Although, at No.6, they need all the help they can get for a shot at the title, and without a conference championship game, it could be well out of reach.

As you can see, none of these teams are locked for a title shot yet. Though some teams seem to have it easy remember this; Appalachian State beat Michigan. Bottom line, anything is still possible. I just hope the BCS gets it right this year.