The Lancaster Rodeo Co. came to Robstown last weekend for the first annual Bullfest-Cottonfest. Friday and Saturday night's rodeo included 32 bull-riders, three bullfighters and one clown.

More than 3,500 people filled the Central Pavilion Arena of the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds over the two nights to watch the exciting events put on by the Fairfield, Texas rodeo company.

The four toughest bulls of the night, Mr. Incredible, Howdy, Shazam and Frequent Flyer, gave each rider a challenge.

Kenny Kimbro was the first rider Friday night and went down hard after a short ride. That didn't discourage John Qugel as he was the first rider to hold on the full 8 seconds Friday and score a 75.5 to set the bar.

Buck Bonner stepped up two rides later to score a 77, but it was Juan Barron who had the top score Friday night with an 85 on the second-to-last ride.

Craig Jackson came in second place Friday with an 81 and Kyle Miller followed on his heels with an 80 for third place.

Craig Jackson was the overall winner, with a score of 158.5. Jake Mann won second overall with 158.5 and Qugel won third overall with 151.5.

Cody Wood got caught in the chute and was pulled out before being rolled on by the bull. He did not get a chance to compete.

In the bullfighting competition, Shane Bishop scored a 150.5 but was bested by Michael Thornberg who pulled out a 167.5 with his quick footwork and use of the clown barrel.

"I always have a great time coming out here and competing and giving the crowds a great show," Shane Bishop said. "I no longer ride, but I like being around the sport and the fans."

Children hugged the outside of the railing and watched as the rodeo clowns and bullfighters put on a fascinating show.

Bullfighter Louis Flores was seriously injured during a bullfight Friday after he was hooked by a bull's horns. Flores was taken to an area hospital and returned Saturday, but did not compete.

Many kinds of domestic beers where served by the vendors as 7,000 cowboy boots walked and danced as the events moved from the arena to the dance floor and the exhibit halls.

Tejano music filled the dance hall Friday night and country music was featured Saturday.

The Cow-Patty bingo for the new Keach Family Library took place in an exhibit hall as did the Bullfest auction. The bingo raised more than $2,500, with Joe and Lily Shelby as the big winners.

Bullfest lasted until 1a.m. Sunday as the dancing and partying had a hard time coming to a close.

Bullfest manager Vidal Conde said he hoped this would be the first of many Bullfests to be held in Robstown.

Lynn Lancaster, part-owner of the family owned Lancaster Rodeo Co., said the event went well.

"We hope to come back next year," she said. "Everyone was very nice and we enjoyed our stay."