Allegedly assaulted a 14-year-old Orange Grove girl

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Orange Grove Journal

A 20-year-old Orange Grove resident was arrested Oct. 23 in connection with the alleged sexual assault of a juvenile.

The juvenile, a 14 year old from Orange Grove, was allegedly assaulted at a location on Eugenia Street on Oct. 21.

Orange Grove Sr. Patrol Officer Daniel Jaramillo said Gabriel Contreras met the juvenile at the Stripes store earlier in the afternoon, striking up a conversation with her and tried to entice her.

The minor left the store and made her way to a location on Eugenia Street.

Contreras allegedly followed the girl and encountered her in a local business, cornering her in the back of a room, police said.

Jaramillo said Contreras then initiated sexual contact with the juvenile.

The mother of the juvenile approached in the middle of the assault, causing Contreras to flee the scene, Jaramillo said.

The juvenile's mother gave a description of both the alleged assailant and the vehicle he drove.

Jaramillo said Contreras was picked up for questioning two days later and eventually admitted to the sexual assault.

Contreras was charged with aggrevated sexual assualt of a child and taken to the Jim Wells County Jail.