Council votes to hire municipal judge

Michael Chartier, The Premont Journal

Three members of the city council met briefly for a voluntary budget workshop this week and there is some concern, they said.

The office of city secretary Iris Flores and municipal clerk Susan Pena are overbudget for overtime pay and salaries and wages.

According to the City of Premont Income Statement, overtime was paid out at $1,284.52, which is more than budgeted for the fiscal year, which ends Oct. 1. Salaries and wages were paid out at $10,498.96 more than budgeted.

Flores said in April, salaries and wages and overtime (budget) were fine. She also noted that those may not be the actual figures based on a conversation with the city's accounting firm.

Still there was concern from Mayor Norma Tullos and Councilwoman Dalia Gee.

Gee called the negative $ 10,000 "shocking."

"Where she's coming up with these numbers, that's what scares me right now," Gee said.

Tullos felt after a talk with the city's accounting firm that the situation would be solved.

"Just a little (concerned), but not too much," Tullos said.