Melissa Ash, The Premont Journal

Summer is around the corner, and the Premont public library is beginning to prepare for another summer reading program.

"The program benefits the children because it gives them something to do in a community that doesn't have a bowling alley or movie theater," Librarian Elizabeth Leach said. "It also reinforces the skills that they learn in school by using them over the summer."

To help gain more knowledge and a better understanding of the summer reading program, Leach attended a training seminar on Jan. 25.

The seminar, which was sponsored by the South Texas Library system, discussed several summer reading program ideas and online idea resources.

Librarians from Alice and Orange Grove also attended the seminar. This year's theme for the summer reading program is "Sail Away with Books."

"We learned why it is important to have a summer reading program," Leach said.

"It meets a variety of reading needs for children of all ages. We learned how to gear activities towards different age groups as well. It was an excellent workshop. We are still in the planning stages of the program and will have more information soon."