Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

Joseph Aguilar, 4, took a bite of several samples on his plate Tuesday as St. Elizabeth School students learned about three countries at their food and cultural event.

"I got some apple pie and hot dogs," Joseph said as he took a bit of pita bread filled with ham and cheese. "I like the sandwich, too."

As part of National Catholic Schools Week, St. Elizabeth School's student body participated in a food fair and tasted a variety of foods from the United States, Australia and China.

Kindergarten classes presented a program with songs and facts about their country. The cafeteria was filled with students, parents and staff Tuesday to watch the presentations by each class.

Principal Selina Garcia welcomed those in attendance.

"Today, we are going to learn about the United States, Australia and China," she told the group.

The United States class wore Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam hats and sang "Yankee Doodle."

The class that presented China illustrated the Chinese calendar year, which is represented by animals, gave history facts about the country and said to learn the language, people have to learn more than 5,000 characters.

And the Australia class group wore Aussie hats and gave tidbits about kangaroos and koalas.

Jacob Martinez, 5, said he enjoyed learning about pandas in China and the importance of saving the species.

"We learned about pandas and bamboo," Jacob said. "Pandas are endangered and people come and hide and get their babies to get their beautiful fur."

Hayden Johnson, 5, said the methods by which some Australian children are taught are interesting.

"Some of the things that I learned is that when kids live far away from their teachers, their homework is sent by mail," he said. "And teachers talk to them by two-way radio."