Indie apparel store now opened in Orange Grove

By Sarah Reyna

After living in Austin for a few years and noticing how outdoor lifestyle is becoming more prominent in fashion, the Valadez family decided to move back down to South Texas and open their own apparel store, Howl & Sons.

“We love the outdoors, hiking and anything to do with parks. [My family and I] just wanted to bring some of that down to the Sandia, Orange Grove area,” owner Guadalupe Valadez said. “We also noticed there’s not much retail shopping opportunities for the community, so we wanted to help out.”

Howl & Sons is an indie clothing store that specializes in American fashion for men and women. While the store does sell new clothing items, there is also a section of thrifted garments and footwear, in order give buyers more options.

With Valadez and his sons all having names meaning “wolf,” the family decided to tie it in with the official business’ name: Howl & Sons.

“[My boys and I] all have “wolf” in our names, so we ran with that,” Valadez said.

The clothing store had their grand opening Aug. 12 and 13 and has since seen immense support from the Orange Grove and surrounding communities.

“We were welcomed with opened arms. I stood back and was trying to pay attention to see what attendees were friends and family and who was the actual general public,” Valadez said. “Overall, it was such a good turnout. Everyone was glad they have a men’s apparel store in Orange Grove and everyone said they enjoyed the store and the way it felt.”

Howl & Sons is located at 110 S. Eugenia St, Orange Grove, TX 78372.