Team currently in second place in district

Martina Carrillo, Special to The Freer Press

The Lady Bucks remain at the top of the stack in district play.

We beat Tilden in a non-District game on Friday which brings our record to 16 wins and 12 losses for the season and a 9-2 record in district.

We have at least a second place entry into the state playoffs.

We have an interesting review on Tuesday's match at Hebbronville. We need to win that match to have a chance for first place and that is if Bishop beats Riviera. Bishop is playing well on the second half of District play, so they have a good chance to do that. That would bring us back to tied for first with Riviera. We will know more of where we stand after Tuesday's matches.

I have to be proud of the girls for working hard all season long. We have improved so much in a lot of areas, but yet have a lot more to get better. We're just so thrilled to be in this position - playoffs. I know that I am, being a new coach and all. But, that's the Freer tradition—PLAYOFFS in volleyball. We don't expect anything less and as a former Lady Buck myself, I also expect playoffs now as a head coach.

My team when I was a senior, we made it to the regional tournament and lost there. I would like for us to get that far also and do well. But, we'll take it one game at a time. This is a tough region and the winner usually wins state.

We're looking at either playing Thursday or Saturday in Alice if we are tied with Riviera for first. If not, we'll be playing Tuesday for Bi-District or the following week for area. We'll post it up on the school's Web site and Bulletin—so stay tuned and support the Lady Bucks!!

In two more wins I"ll have my 300th career win as a head volleyball coach. At the moment, my career record is 298 wins and 185 losses before Tuesday's match at Hebbronville. This is my 17th year as a volleyball coach, but my 15th as a head coach. It's hard to imagine that I've coached 483 matches. It's amazing. I've coached some great athletes and some great teams.

How can I forget my first year ever as a head coach, we ended up as second in State for Class 1A in 1992 and then four years later, I'm at state again for the final four in Class 3A with Monahans.

Getting to that level, well, there's a lot of people to thank for those accomplishments. It's a team and community thing. It's making mistakes and correcting them, going through obstacles and coming out on top and a little luck your way always helps.