Alice Boys and Girls Club event is set for Oct. 5

Pete Garcia, Alice Echo-News Journal

The annual Alice Boys and Girls Club's Steak and Burger Dinner has had some of the greatest Dallas Cowboys as guest speakers.

However, only one member of the Football Hall of Fame has spoken at the dinner before. Now, Rayfield Wright will be the second.

The club has arranged for the former Dallas Cowboy, who was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame in August, to attend this year's dinner, which is on Oct. 5 at the Alice K.C. Hall. For ticket information, call the Alice Boys and Girls Club at 664-0061.

Wright was an under privileged underdog who turned into a 'Big Cat'. His story is a candid tale of tears and triumphs, fears and faith, and how adversity and an innocent childhood prayer provided his beat-the-odds inspiration.

Wright entered this world penniless and poor in material things yet abundantly wealthy in hope and principle. Raised fatherless in the Deep South, Rayfield's first coach was Big Mama, his faithful grandmother who devoted hours each day teaching him respect and the power of prayer. Other players on this all-star team were his dedicated mother and siblings, a cousin named Bubba, and a persistent, committed leader named Mr. Lomax.

Little did they know that each day in young Rayfield's life would lead to athletic fame. Although the odds of achieving success were stacked taller than his 6-foot-7 frame. Rayfield tackled some amazingly tough hardships and eventually captured a starting position with the Dallas Cowboys. During his 13-year career, he covered Roger Staubach's back and cleared the way for the running and receiving talents of Calvin Hill, Tony Dorsett, Robert Newhouse, Drew Pearson and other Cowboys legends.

Football enthusiasts will enjoy this journey through the sentimental '70s when football was football and team rivalry was unmatched. Through the eyes of this All-Pro, fans will relive the Ice Bowl, the Hail Mary pass, Super Bowls V,VI, X, XII, XIII and other moments from the dynamic decade.

Today Rayfield Wright is the CEO of Wright's Sports and Nutrition, Director of Crossroads Operating, LLC, and a partner with 1st Team Lending. In his spare time, he mentors young athletes and supports organizations such as the Nelson Children's Center and Disability Resources. Residing near Fort Worth, Texas, Rayfield has four children; LaRay, Anitra, Larry and Ariel.