Alice returns favor on the field

Nice! Alice High School students and teachers arrived early Friday morning to find a dead coyote hoisted on the campus' flagpole.

The vandalism continued onto the hallowed grounds of Memorial Stadium where a black "K" was spray-painted above the Coyote logo on the 50-yardline of the field.

Smells like Kingsville week in the Hub City.

Seriously, however heinous the acts were, it all only added to the intense playoff-type atmosphere which surrounded Memorial Stadium for Friday's game. After a hard-fought battle, Alice held off Kingsville and won 12-7.

No need to play tit-for-tat here and hang a cow off a flagpole in Kingsville. The win means Alice will likely get to the postseason and Kingsville won't.

Alice is (1-5) against Kingsville in the last seven years.

The Coyotes last beat the Brahmas in 2005, and not even that game came without incident.

Hours before kickoff in Memorial Stadium, Kingsville players and coaches gathered in the center of the football field for a pre-game ritual which included them scattering grass clippings from their home practice field around the Memorial Stadium turf to "make the field" theirs.

Now remember, this is award-winning turf in Memorial Stadium. Field workers were angered and even Alice coaches become involved. Afterwards, but before the game, a mower was used to sweep up the foreign Kingsville grass.

That incident was the last in a series of run-ins between the two programs.

In 2004, the Coyotes basketball team beat Kingsville in the Alice High School gymnasium to end a long basketball playoff drought. However, after the game, a scuffle erupted on the court which landed a Kingsville player, his father and younger brother in police custody.

The 17-year-old Kingsville player was charged with assault with bodily injury and spent one night in the Jim Wells County jail after he allegedly struck a female Alice High School student in the face. The girl said she was offering the player a cup of water when he hit her. The 17-year-old claimed he was swiping the cup from her hand when he accidentally hit her.

When police on the scene attempted to apprehend the player, his father and young brother tried to intervene and were arrested. The player's father went to jail as well and his younger brother was taken to the Ricardo H. Garcia Juvenile Detention Center in San Diego.

Oh and by the way, if you were one of those responsible for the dead coyote on the flagpole, I hope you were smiling. You were on camera, idiot. That's what those big plastic domes around Alice High School are they're video cameras.