Marc Garcia continues to prove that pound-for-pound, he’s one of the strongest around.

The 17-year-old Alice powerlifter is again a world champion in a sport which relies on brute strength, technique and wits. Garcia won the 59kg or 130-pound weight class at the International Powerlifting Federation Sub-Junior World Championships in Orlando, Fla. Monday.

Garcia totaled 530 pounds in squats, 544 in the deadlift and 325 in the bench press. Garcia actually finished with the same weight total as a lifter from Japan, but was declared the world champion by having a lighter body weight. Garcia set two world records in the competition.

As a 16 year old, Garcia won a world title at the International Powerlifting Federation’s Sub-Junior and Junior World Lifting Championships in Szczyrk, Poland. At the time, he squatted 506 pounds, bench pressed 286 and had a deadlift of 462.