Coach Amanda Gonzalez is a firm believer in the power of fundamentals when it comes to organized basketball.


That’s because she’s seen it pay-off first-hand.


Facing a stacked North Zone in District 30-5A this past season, the Lady Coyotes were in games but they struggled. However, in the second of the season, the Alice girls played fundamentally-sound basketball. Playing well and as a team, they became the surprise team of the district. They clinched one of the North Zone’s top spots and played for one of the district’s playoff bids at the end of the season.


“Our fundamentals are what made us a good team once we started playing as a team,” Gonzalez said. “The dribbling and shooting, it carries on. It’s best to start early, so that they can improve on that.”


That’s why the basics of the game remain the focus of the Rising Stars Skills Basketball Camp this week at Alice High School. The camp is being led by Gonzalez and Alice boys coach Marco Gonzalez and other Alice basketball coaches.


The Rising Stars Basketball Skills Camp is at Alice High School through June 1. The camp is for boys and girls and from second to the ninth grade.


The camp, including its early session for younger athletes and its later session for older boys and girls, drew just over 80 youngsters.


The Alice boys won more basketball games this season than they in years, and Gonzalez credits that to focusing on the basics of basketball, which he says are often overlooked by young players.


“Basically, we’re teaching the basics of basketball and the introductory skills that they need to build on,” Gonzalez said. “It’s a part of basketball that is very much overlooked by almost everybody, but it;s something that’s very important to being successful. It’s something that if you’re going to play basketball, you need to work on daily.”


The camp is continuing through Wednesday and Thursday, and will begin to incorporate more team-oriented drills.