PREMONT — Premont’s Little League fields are soon getting some badly-needed work thanks to a sizable donation from the Wyatt Foundation.

The foundation, headquartered in nearby Realitos, presented Premont Little League with a $10,000 check, which league president Oscar Benavides said will be completely used to renovate the league’s two fields.

The check was presented to the league at this season’s closing ceremonies Saturday.

The Wyatt Foundation is funded by Wyatt Ranches, whose central focus is having a successful and productive commercial livestock operation. Established in 1965 and headquartered in Texas, Wyatt Ranches operates an assimilation of ranching properties in Colorado, Tamaulipas (Mexico), South Texas, and West Texas.

“Every single penny of that donation will go to field renovations,” Benavides said. “We have some falling fences, some dugouts falling apart… both of our fields are basically falling apart.”

Since Premont’s fields don’t have lights, all of their games are played early enough to take advantage of sunlight. That means parents and fans usually watch every game sitting in sun-baked bleachers. Benavides hopes the league can add some kind of canopy set up over at least some the bleachers at the park.

“Our bleachers are sitting under in the sun, so our parents sit there and watch our games and they cook under the sun,” he said.

There weren't any restrictions placed on the donation, however, the foundation did ask that the league not spend money on paying for labor. Instead, the league is to use the money for materials and seek volunteers to handle labor.

Initially, the foundation approved a donation of $3,000, but after meeting with representatives of the league, the foundation's board of directors increased the donation to $10,000 in hopes that others would be motivated to donate to the league or help.