The City of Alice election is over. The recount is done. The new city council is seated and they’re holding meetings, but it is not really over.

It seems like every decision will not only be scrutinized, but attacked. And the third rail of Alice politics the Natatorium… no matter how they rule, it will be cause for severe repercussions.

There is a recall effort underway for two members of the city council who initially voted to open up the natatorium. And there are rumors of another recall for those who did not.

While well within the citizen's' right to call for a recall of elected officials, to do it within a month of being elected smells more like retaliation than being a watchdog for the citizenry.

The city has been torn apart over this issue for far too long.

Yes, there has been an excessive grossly over budgeted expenditure for a beautiful facility, second to none in the area and left to decay without ever being used.

Was it this council's fault? No.

Are they trying to do something about it? Yes.

Will they survive the attempt? We hope so. 

Let the current city council members do what they were elected to do — govern. Put aside partisan politics and allow the city to heal. This part is way overdue. 

This election was a bloody one, one that we should not be proud of and thankfully it is over. Let it rest before we start up the brawl all over again.

Alice was once a strong, proud city. Let’s make Alice that way again. If you want to see the city come back to life pitch in rather than throwing stones. Pulling in different directions will only tear us apart while pulling in the same direction will move us forward.

(Written by Alice Echo-News Journal Editorial Board)