Pictured: About 400 Alice students participated in the Texas Recycles Day Thursday at the Alice Coyote Recyclery. Bernardo Tamez with the City of Alice gave tours and demonstrated ways to recycle at home. Photo by OFELIA GARCIA HUNTER

Alice students tour Alice Recyclery Center

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

About 400 students from the Alice area toured the Alice Coyote Recyclery center Thursday to learn how and what to recycle during Texas Recycles Day.

School buses loaded with students from Salazar and Saenz Elementary School transported them to the facility.

"I learned that you can recycle phone books," said Rodolfo Perez, a fourth grade student at Saenz School.

Another friend, Daniel Perez, said he was going to talk to his parents about recycling at home.

"I'm going to tell them that we need to bring our (styrofoam) cups and newspapers here," he said.

About 20 different classes from the elementary schools were given a tour by Bernardo Tamez with the City of Alice. He explained the procedures and how different items such as plastics, paper and cardboard boxes are separated into like groups. Tamez demonstrated a machine that compresses the boxes into bales of boxes.

The students were eager and curious and some peeked into the large boxes full of plastics or paper.

Some, like Allison Macias, said that they recycle at home.

"We recycle aluminum cans," she said.

During Texas Recycles Day on Thursday, local residents and businesses also brought in items for recycling.

Nortex bakery employees brought a truckload of cardboard boxes.

"If we have too many boxes in the regular trashcan, we can't throw our garbage away," said Richard Contreras with the restaurant.

His co-worker and family member Beatrice Contreras said that recycling should be a priority in every household.

"We know it's a good thing," she said.

Coastal Bend College also participated in the event.

"We brought two trucks full from Coastal Bend College," said DeeDee Arismendez with the college. "CBC had a lot of cardboard, magazines and office paper."

Debbie Harville with the City of Alice said that they hope to continue to educate youngsters about recycling.

"We have scheduled more classes to tour the week after Thanksgiving," Harville said. "We are thrilled with the turnout."