Neighbors are making their pleas that they've had enough of gang violence on Escobar Street after Alice police, the Department of Public Safety deputies, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents, Texas Rangers, FBI and Sheriff's Department deputies swarmed the area Thursday afternoon to round-up people on evidentiary search warrants.

Around 4 p.m., the officials blocked off the street to investigate and arrest individuals at the house of Kidman Vela, a neighbor confirmed.

Three men and one woman was arrested at the home of the 200 block of Escobar Street. Those arrested include: Nathan Ortiz, Tarzan Vela, Michelle Martinez and Marcus Aguirre. They have been charged with tampering with evidence and engaging in organized criminal activity.

Alice Police Chief Daniel Bueno said they searched the house for evidence in connection with Sunday's shooting in the 300 block of Nayer Street. Four people were killed in that incident.

The neighbor was eating at Pizza Hut with his wife when he got the news about his home.

"I feel like moving somewhere else; to another town," he said.

The man said he has known the Vela's since they were little, and gang activity on the street is frequent.

"At night, you're up all night making sure your wife's ok, your house is ok," he said."Now you see that even daylight even safe."

With Thursday's arrests, neighbors are more concerned.

He said those arrested will be released right back onto the street the next day.

"They have plenty of time to stop this," he said of the violence.

However, he noted he feels the police are doing their job, but punishments need to be harsher. Even if these gangs are disbanded, others will take their place, he said.

Until then, the man will continue sleeping on the floor or in closets out of fear for his life.