Fifth-generation rancher raises about 200 head of cattle

Submitted Report, The Freer Press

On Oct. 26, Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) elected Ricardo O. "Rocky" Carrillo president of the association during their annual convention in Branson, Mo.

Carrillo is a fifth generation rancher, operating under Carrillo Brothers Beefmasters. He and his family raise about 200 head of cattle on 200 acres.

Carrillo has been a member of BBU since 1994 when he and brother Jaime purchased their first registered Beefmasters in Houston, Texas.

"It is an honor and a privilege to represent such a distinguished group of people," Carrillo said.

Past presidents include Nolan Ryan, Mike Davis and Bill Carr.

"My father has been raising Beefmasters since the 1950s. It was only natural that I would raise Beefmaster cattle," Carrillo said.

Beefmaster crosses are the perfect cattle for this area, he said. They can survive in the harsh south Texas brush country. It is tough to make a profit in the cattle business, but with the extra weight that Beefmaster cattle put on their calves, ranchers have a fighting chance to make a profit, says Carrillo.

The Beefmaster breed was first developed by Tom Lasater in 1939. Lasater used to own a dairy near Realistos, Texas. He began cross-breeding Herefords, Shorthorn and Brahma cattle. Beefmaster cattle are one-half Brahma, one-fourth Hereford and one-fourth Shorthorn. After cross breeding for several years, the U.S. Department of Agriculture certified Beefmaster as an American Breed.

Beefmaster Breeders United currently has over 3,100 members. BBU has members in 37 states. Additionally, BBU has members in Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Panama.

Currently BBU is part owner of the Nolan Ryan All Natural Beef which is being sold at local Super S Food Stores. The Nolan Ryan All Natural Beef program was developed by BBU in order to assist members in getting a premium for their cattle at the feedlots.