Family still in need of clothes, appliances

Christopher Maher, Alice Echo-News Journal

A local family is still struggling to recover, two months after their home was destroyed by a fire.

Lupita and Benito Cruz lost everything they owned Oct. 10, when an early-morning fire ripped through their trailer home on County Road 149 near San Diego.

The couple, along with another family member who lived in the home, were able to escape the fire without injury, although the fire did claim the life of their family dog, "Baby."

After the fire was extinguished, only two slightly singed Bibles were brought from the rubble.

"Everything burned down. The only thing we walked out with was our pajamas, and that's it," Cruz said in an interview the morning after the fire.

The Cruz family has been able to place a house on the site near where the trailer once stood, but is still trying to replace other necessities.

"We got a refrigerator, but it's kind of old and doesn't work very well," Lupita Cruz said Friday.

Friends and family members have donated some items such as clothing, and a church member donated used mattresses to them.

The family still needs furniture and clothing, Cruz said, as well as some appliances. Cruz said the family has tried to move on in the two months since the fire, but it is still very much a part of their lives.

"It changed our lives," Cruz said. "We lost everything." To make a donation or for more information, contact Lupita Cruz at 562-1161.