Ceremony held Saturday in Orange Grove

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

ORANGE GROVE - In honor of the victims and fallen heroes of 9-11, the Orange Grove Woodsmen of the World Lodge #3668 held a ceremony last Saturday at the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Annex.

WOW President Dee De leon and Vice President Able Gaitan led the flag ceremony, which gathered together participants representing the JWC Sheriff's Department, the City of Orange Grove, the Orange Grove Volunteer Fire Department and the Sandia Volunteer Fire Department.

Each organization was given a flag by the WOW, in remembrance of those who died on 9-11.

"We will always remember the events of this day, which changed our lives forever," DeLeon said. "Freedom is a thing not to be taken lightly."

The group then held a moment of silence for the victims.

"May God bless each and every one of you, and may God bless America," DeLeon said.

Sheriff Oscar Lopez came forward, after the presentation of the flags, and said how honored he was to be there with the lodge officers and community members.

"Remember them, and why they gave their life for us," Lopez said.

He then turned the focus from those who gave their life to those who are still living.

"Remember those who fought for us, and are still fighting for us, so we can be free," Lopez said of the soldiers here at home and those now far away.

The group then moved to the new WOW Lodge, which is in the old Post Office building downtown, for refreshments.