Mendieta is a Kingsville native

Sue Fleming, The Freer Press

Freer ISD's new high school principal Dr. Abe Mendieta is predicting many successes during the upcoming school year.

"I would like to thank the school board, superintendent Mr. Camacho, selection committee, teachers and parents that have welcomed me to Freer," he said.

In 1989, Mendieta graduated from H.M.K. High School in Kingsville, where he says he excelled in music and sports.

He then attended Texas A&M University in Kingsville earning a B.S. degree in elementary education, all level music with a minor in reading.

Afterward, he was head band director at Ricardo ISD for five years, during which time numerous state awards and honors were won by the students.

Mendieta then accepted the position of assistant principal at Lamar Intermediate in the Sinton school district where he also served as district transportation director for three years.

For one year afterward, he was the assistant junior high principal before accepting a position with Freer.

During his tenure at Sinton, Mendieta earned a Masters in Administration with a minor in curriculum, budget and instruction.

He received a Doctorate of Education in 2006 and was also named "Principal of the Year" by the Texas Association of Secondary Schools Region 2.

"I foresee the Freer school district moving in a positive direction," he says.

Mendieta predicts TAKS scores will be higher, the attendance rate will improve and more students will graduate.

"I want to ensure the community, the administration and teaching staff will be working together to see that students of Freer ISD will receive a quality education," he said. "I also want to encourage parents that may have concerns regarding their child's education to please let me know what their concerns are."

"The school district will strive to make our students successful in a global economy as to thrive in the 21st century," he continued. "I also feel Freer students who excel in co-curricular activities such as U.I.L and extra curricular activities, are second to none."

He and his wife, Melissa reside in Kingsville and have three children, Austin, 12, Amber, 10, and Andrea, 2.